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Where’s the Cog? Where’s the Helix?

Me in the hills outside Dublin.

Me in the hills outside Dublin.

I’m a student of journalism at the University of Sheffield in the UK. I had been thinking about writing a blog for a while but wanted to stay away from the personal-diary type blog that seems prevailant. While many of those blogs are well-written and interesting, I felt for me there would be a certain hypocrisy in posting personal thoughts and then wanting everyone to read them. Could I post my REALLY personal thoughts? Would it be private or public? What if no one cared?

I’ve become interested in science over the last few years and thought that most people probably just don’t have the same sense of wonder that I do for things scientific. I get this impression from the blank stares I recieve when drunkenly confiding in someone about technological singularity or the fates of robots on Mars. The purpose of this blog is solely to bring to readers the science stories I find interesting, along with a light commentary about how they are reported and their significance in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps I will convey some of the same wonder that I feel about these things. Feel free to disagree with me, because after all I’m a journalism student not a scientist.

I thought the name “Cog and Helix” was appropriate because cogs imply technology and helixes imply biology, and they both connote the intricate mechanisms of an orrery, a clockwork contraption modelling the winding waltz of bodies in the heavens.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my blog.




1. Katherine - February 20, 2009

Hey Mike! I really like your blog so far! I’m so pleased that I just learned that the greek word for planet means wanderer! I think I’ll let you keep me informed about the ways of the universe!

2. Eric Jeffery - March 24, 2009

Ahoy Mike!

I stumbled across the link to this site through facebook, and was immediately intrigued. What’s this you say about robots on mars?

Glad to see that you have an online world where I can keep myself informed on your new passions!

I’m looking forward to reading this in coming months and years.

Eric in Orcland

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